Just for Kids!

Washington growers care about our nation's youth.  The sites below offer interactive activities, youth-centered recipes, and fun facts about Washington tree fruits.

American Fruit Processors

Pear Bureau Northwest Pear World

Northwest Canned Pear Association

US Apple Association

Washington Apple Commission

For additional fruit and vegetable options visit Produce for Better Health's "More Matters" .

Healthy Choices for Kids Activity Kit

Parents: The following activities involve your children in activities designed to make health and nutrition fun!

Part 1 - Eat A Wide Variety of Foods

Activity #1 - Healthy Choices Food Diary

Activity #2 - Planning A Menu

Activity #3 - Grocery Store Map

Food Fan

Part 2 - Eat MORE Fruits & Vegetables

Activity #4 - 5 A Day

Activitiy #5 - Healthy Snacks with Washington Apples

Activity #6 - Washington Apple Trivia

Ten Ways to Encourage Your Child's Healthy Eating Habits